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Jess Knollmeyer@JessKnollmeyer

@Adam__Roberts You. are. awesome. I love #versioning more than I love cold pizza in the morning! My favorite linkage + some laughs = : D

July 3, 2017

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If someone said to me a few months ago that I'd be paying $50 a year for a daily email newsletter, I'd have laughed myself silly. Aaaand then I subscribed to @sitepointdotcom's #Versioning, curated by @Adam__Roberts. It's the best. Plus I still get to chuckle at the funnies.

March 8, 2018

New inbox, who dis?

I’ll never tell.  Just joking, I will tell...

I’m a 30-something human male living in Melbourne, Australia, who has a bit of a thing for finding great stuff and sharing it with people.

My interests include:

  • dev/design links,

  • puns,

  • Seinfeld,

  • describing himself in the third-person,

  • Star Wars,

  • links,

  • sarcasm,

  • links,

  • having way too many tabs open all of the time,

  • seriously, Chrome regularly grinds to a halt because of the number of tabs I have open,

  • links.

Smart tech folk who 😍 Versioning

A smattering of quotes and tweets from satisfied, long-term subscribers:

It has helped shape my technical directions and given me the knowledge to "choose wisely" and move us into technology that is now the future of the company.

Its like I've cloned myself and employ that person to write a newsletter just for me everyday. Its not merely the fantastic dev articles that keep me up to date and relevant in the subjects I work with everyday. Its also the wider industry news, science news and sci-fi stuff ... with a smattering of ice cold wit.

Tim Scully@scullytr

Favorite email to read each day? Versioning from @sitepointdotcom's very own @Adam__Roberts! Techy links and humorous quips abound!!

June 30, 2017

The exposure I get to so many different things in such a short and concise form. In 10 minutes each day, I can keep my thumb on the pulse of many areas that I find or will find relevant in the near future.


I was totally skeptical about signing up for yet another newsletter, but Versioning from @sitepointdotcom is totally earning it's keep.

July 31, 2017

V1: I crossed a Golden Retriever with a TV set.
V2: What'd you get?
V1: I don't know, but whenever there's anything good on, he'll come and fetch me.
(That was joke on the old U.S. TV Show "Hee Haw" - or maybe it was "Laugh In." Anyway the joke applies pretty neatly to Versioning. Substitute internet for TV and it's true.)

Tom Henderson ☮@RedEldorado

The one TECH email I always read M-F, Versioning by SitePoint, w/ brilliant content curator @Adam__Roberts Sign up: https://t.co/5aYYXAs3Qh

June 30, 2017

Honestly, my favorite part is the wacky not-strictly-tech stuff - I get a good bit of of mileage out of them, pretending to be cooler than I am. But I also get a lot of value from the UI, design, and CSS links.

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Does Adam have a strong opinion on whether Han shot first?

He does and he did.