Friday, March 9, 2018

Weekend Longreads #3

Joan of Archive


Meet the hacker who stopped one of the biggest cyberattacks ever, but was still arrested by the FBI [nymag].

Information - history, really - is getting harder and harder to preserve thanks to digitization [longreads]. I should probably get this newsletter made into a physical item for longevity then. Maybe made from thin paper? And with some pictures and topical cartoons to break it up a bit. What a fantastic new idea for a format I just had!

A great selection of stories about older adults moving into the tech industry [nytimes].

Run Rings

Entertainment, miscellanea

Meet the couple who hacked the lottery [highline.huffingtonpost].

How a professional rocket photographer (best job title ever) approached coverage of the Falcon Heavy’s launch day [arstechnica].

Behind the scenes of Blade Runner 2049 [wired].

A deep dive into the internet with Know Your Meme [theverge].

An interview with writer, developer, designer and generally thoughtful dude Craig Mod, covering reading and writing in the modern age [craigmod].

I really liked this honest take from NBA player Kevin Love on his mental health troubles, and how he rose above the stigma[theplayerstribune].

Hackers to blade runners to rocket photographers - plenty of role models in there. I’ll throw a few more longreads at ya soon!