Versioning in July: Design Systems and Living Style Guides

An overview of the stuff happening in July!

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This month, that subject is Design Systems and Living Style Guides!

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July will be focused on design systems and living styleguides. Both form part of a new movement towards designers and developers establishing rules designed to make collaboration easier, improve design quality, and generally increase sanity levels. Think: building with Lego blocks vs. clay. This is exciting stuff, I’m looking forward to learning more with you.

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Week 1 included:

  • An introduction to the subject as a whole.

  • SitePoint designer Alex Walker talking through how design systems can help you move past the ‘uninteresting questions’ stage of design

  • Examples of design systems in the wild

  • An introduction to two commonly-used off-the-shelf design systems

Week 2:

  • A deeper dive into these popular, existing design systems

Week 3:

  • How and why to build your own

Week 4:

  • Maintaining a design system or living style guide.

It’ll be fun, it’ll be useful, it’ll be yours to keep.

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Here’s what’s on the way beyond July:

  • August - Kubernetes, Containers and Microservices,

  • September - Modern CSS,

  • October - AI/Machine Learning,

  • November - Blockchain Development and DApps

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