Friday, April 13, 2018

Tried and Trusted

The week in Versioning linkage

Gardens of the Galaxy


First up, Front-end Checklist creator David Dias got in touch with a new project, the Front-End Design Checklist [github/thedaviddias], focused on elements that can help a web designer and a front-end dev work better together. Here’s the original front-end checklist [frontendchecklist] in case you missed it.

Grid Style Sheets [gss.github] is a CSS preprocessor and JavaScript runtime that uses Cassowary.js, a port of the constraint-solving algorithm Apple uses in macOS and iOS.

Brad Frost goes deep on mixing design systems and CSS Zen Garden to create “themeable design systems” and therefore fun and profit [bradfrost].

4 modern JavaScript things you should be using like… now. Now! [programmingwithmosh].

Serve Yourself


How to build your own serverless platform [tomas.janczuk].

And how to open source parts (bits) of your project with Bit [blog.bitsrc], rather than refactoring or raising privacy issues.

Pull the Ripcord


There was this nice piece on designing for accessibility and inclusion [smashingmagazine].

7 rules for designing lovely UIs [medium/@erikdkennedy].

Sketch.The.Ripper [icons8] shows Sketch file contents on any OS.

Unchained Melody


A lot of newsy Facebook news this week, but stepping away from that oversaturated subject, we had an extensive takedown of blockchain and the concept of trustless systems [medium/@kaistinchcombe]. Trust is actually kinda great!

So for a while OKCupid allowed you to poll its API and find out who looked at your profile. This was not intentional [zdware].

What it was like for devs before Stack Overflow [joelonsoftware]. SO is 10 years old, and this is the first in a series of posts about the venerable dev institution’s history.

Moonage Daydream

Everything else (apps, fun tools, gaming, culture, funny stuff)

A bot that delivers American Chopper memes but with random movie dialogue inserted [twitter]. This is highly worthwhile.

Just because: A 4K tour of the Moon [youtube/nasagoddard].

Finally, with The Last Laser Master, The Auralnauts finished up their very funny audio take on the Star Wars saga [youtube/auralnauts].

That was the week in Versioning, another busy one! But in a good way, I hope. A reminder that if you’re keen to receive these kinds of links in roughly real-time, check out the membership options and sign up for daily updates!

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