Friday, April 13, 2018

They've Finally Made a Monkey Out of Me

Today: the CSS typed object model, "game mode" for Linux, Gmail's new lick of paint, cops are paying to read your iPhone data, and Billy Mitchell loses the Donkey Kong Game of Thrones

Head here for a summary of some of the best links from the daily, member editions, and catch up on the Versioning week-that-was.

Cache Me if You Can


First up, an intro to using the new CSS typed object model [] that’ll make getting and setting values via JavaScript easier.

How to create a component library from SVG illustrations [css-tricks].

A little behind-the-scenes piece on the process behind the removal of the “grid-” prefix from CSS Grid Layout gutter properties [blogs.igalia].

Strategies for service worker caching for your PWAs [blog.hasura].

A Whole New Ball Game

Mobile/back-end /programming

Game mode [github/feralInteractive] optimizes your Linux system performance on demand.

A binary editor written in Go [github/itchyny].

Dockly [github/lirantal] is a console UI and dashboard for managing your Docker containers and services.

Maybe open source serverless is better for your use-case than AWS Lambda [thenewstack].

Sometimes the Linux kernel can lead to performance issues with processes in Docker containers, even when there are conservative resource limits in place [hackernoon].

If you have too many microservices, here are five design attributes that can help [highscalability].

Netflix has open-sourced Kayenta, their tool for automated canary analysis [medium/netflix-techblog].

Grad-uation Day


A collection of the best UX/UI tools for designers right now [speckyboy].

Gmail is getting a redesign, looks kinda good, actually [arstechnica].

10 reasons gradients are loveable [webdesignerdepot].

Unlock, Stock and Barrel


Lots of cops in the United States have purchased GrayKey, and can therefore unlock iPhones [motherboard.vice].

The Federal Trade Commission is expanding its oversight of Uber after the company failed to disclose a 2016 breach that exposed 25 million names and email addresses [arstechnica].

Tesla was kicked off the probe into a fatal crash involving its Model X autopilot mode [bloomberg]. The company’s recent public statements blaming the driver for the crash were a factor.

The EU will examine Facebook’s transfer of user data to the United States [arstechnica].

Facebook has also exited an anti-privacy alliance against with Comcast and Google, fighting against a California privacy bill [arstechnica]. Something about it being a “bad look given recent events” - I’m not sure what they were referring to.

Today in “actually”: MySpace sold your data too, you know? [motherboard.vice]. Tom! How could you?!

Windows Admin Center, the web-based GUI for managing Windows systems, lives! [arstechnica]

The world’s first electrified road (for charging vehicles, not zapping flies or pedestrians) has opened in Sweden [theguardian].

AT&T’s 5G trials are producing gigabit speeds and 9ms latency [arstechnica]. I’m fine with this, let’s do it.

Ben Thompson argues the Zuckerberg’s testimonies were actually quite revealing [stratechery].

A taxonomy of tech debt [engineering.riotgames].

A great idea for a podcast: what it takes to build a SaaS in 2018 [saas.transistor].

Brews Brothers

Everything else (apps, fun tools, gaming, culture, funny stuff)

A tool for analyzing that massive Facebook data file you’ve probably downloaded [github/lackoftactics].

A list of open source apps for macOS [github/serhii-londar].

Minecraft for Switch is getting XBox Achievements [polygon].

Firefox for iOS now has tracking protection on by default [techcrunch]. You’ll be able to give site permission to track you, but otherwise they get nothing.

Inside the NES Homebrew scene [tedium].

Today in weird but kinda great marketing stunts: a gamer and a pro driver had a race with real cars, but with a video-game-esque view [arstechnica].

Mountains on Pluto’s moon Charon have been named after storytellers Arthur C Clarke, Stanley Kubrick and Octavia Butler [arstechnica].

Finally, notorious Donkey Kong player (this is a weird title to have in 2018, or at any point in history, really) Billy Mitchell has been stripped of his scores and banned from the Twin Galaxies scoreboard, after it was proven he used an emulator to gain a 2 million+ score in a game [arstechnica].

There you have it - Versioning for the day and the week. I’m still in New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud. I’ve been bragging to paid members all week about how great it is. Free subscribers: it’s quite great. This is where I’ve been working, for example. (It looks amazing, but this newsletter came to you via 3G mobile tethering. I now have very sophisticated opinions about the webpage obesity crisis.)

But posting that made me wonder - where are you reading this from? Email or tweet me a pic, and I’ll share the best next week.

Have a good weekend everyone, and be well!

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