Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The NeverEnding Story v2

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Quirks Mode


First up, 3 ways you can use custom fonts in a performant manner [css-tricks].

The text of a workshop on testing and debugging React and web apps [kentcdodds].

react-spotify [github/pau1fitz] is a React Spotify client.

Some lesser-known CSS quirks and tips [medium/@peedatuisk].

A selection of CSS puns [saijorgeorge]. Whatever “puns” are? This is all new to me.

Clang On


erste [github/dashersw] is a JavaScript view library for building hybrid mobile apps.

URLColors [chrome.google] is a Chrome extension that lets you add a colored border on certain sites’ URLs - making it visually obvious whether you’re looking at a test, dev or production version of a site.

An early draft of Mastering Ethereum [github/ethereumbook], a book on developing for the Ethereum blockchain.

A curated selection of Go blog posts [github/enocom].

In Clang news, Chrome on Windows is now built using Clang, rather than C++ [arstechnica].

Keep It 100


In Sketch 49 you can find and replace colors everywhere [medium/design-prototype]. Everywhere within Sketch, I mean - this doesn’t give you superpowers or anything. Yet.

10 cheat codes for user interface design [medium/sketch-app-sources].

How and why to build a design system [smashingmagazine].

Inside 100s under 100 - the invite-only Slack team for designers [fastcodesign].

The New Dorm-al


Facebook’s letting some publishers apply a “Breaking” label to their posts - signalling breaking news and boosting engagement [techcrunch].

Coinbase is getting sued for insider trading, related to the introduction of Bitcoin Cash onto the platform [motherboard.vice].

It looks like MoviePass tracks your location before and after you watch a movie [techcrunch] which, privacy-wise, feels like more of a horror film.

Some workers in San Francisco are now living in dorms [nytimes].

An anonymous Bitcoin donor has given out US $56 million of real cash to various charities [philanthropy].

A New York Times journalist turned himself into Ryan Gosling (on video) for US $86, part of a deep look at “deepfakes” [nytimes].

Graphite [graphitedocs] is a new decentralyzed, encrypted Google Docs competitor powered by blockchain. Finally, someone’s doing something useful with the blockchain!

DomainWheel [domainwheel] will generate company, website and domain names for you.

And a Slack client for the terminal [github/erroneousboat].

Electronic Art

Everything else (apps, fun tools, gaming, culture, funny stuff)

If you’re stuck for something to listen to on your commute - an AI is working on an infinite podcast for you [motherboard.vice]. Just what I need, more content to listen to. And I thought This American Life was hard to keep up with.

Sculptures built using thousands of pounds of old electronics [motherboard.vice].

If you have an iPhone, a guide to using the “do not disturb while driving” feature to lock yourself out of your phone, for a break [medium/@kevinrose].

Finally, a front-end engineer built a facial recognition device for his cat [motherboard.vice]. brb, working on a new project I’ve suddenly decided is very important.

There’s Versioning for another day, I’ll be back tomorrow (real soon), assuming I’ve finished up my cat facial recognition device project. Really, I’m more interested in the cat recognising my face, but I’ll take what I can get at this point.

See ya in your inbox tomorrow.

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