Friday, March 2, 2018

Life is Short

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A Rematch Made in Heaven


First up, Tippy.js [github] is a lightweight tooltip library for vanilla JavaScript.

Third-party CSS is not safe [jakearchibald].

Using Ajax on Rails with unobtrusive JavaScript [engineyard].

Create a Laravel + Vue SPA in under an hour [cloudways].

The makers of Rematch on redesigning Redux [hackernoon].

How to build a real-time todo app (naturally) with React Native [freecodecamp].

Date with Destiny


Why you should contribute to open source projects [jgrossi].

DeepPavlov is an open source library for building and training chatbots [github].

An interview with OkCupid’s CTO on the algorithms that power dating sites [logicmag].

Ruby optimization with one magic comment [mikeperham].

SwiftNIO is a framework from Apple for building networking applications in Swift [github].

Do the Maths


Under Glass is a collection of product design case studies [underglass].

Using ancient mathematics to enrich your design skills [freecodecamp].

Gradient backgrounds for your next project, but presented in egg shapes for some reason [eggradients].

A logo redesign case study for digital agency App Shack [medium].

How Basecamp approaches user privacy concerns [signalvnoise].

Under Attack


Twitter wants to measure how its platform is affecting users [axios].

GitHub survived the largest DDoS attack ever recorded this week [wired].

The spring update for Xbox will add 1440p support, and new features for Mixer [theverge], which is Microsoft’s answer to Twitch, such as allowing a viewer to control your game for a time.

Looks like Instagram’s working on voice and video calling [techcrunch].

U.S. law enforcement can probably now unlock every model of iPhone [forbes].

MIT Technology Review has released the 2018 edition of their annual breakthrough technologies prediction [technologyreview].

Dr Phlox, Medicine Gecko

Everything else (apps, fun tools, gaming, culture, funny stuff)

One Hour One Life [onehouronelife] is a game played on a persistent shared server, and your character lasts for one hour each time as everyone tries to advance a new civilization.

Find out what the inside of an Antarctic glacier sounds like [kottke].

How scientists are using machine learning to match genes to health outcomes [quantamagazine].

This gecko that looks like a smiling alien is both cool and oddly unnerving [youtube] and reminds me of Enterprise’s Dr Phlox [also youtube].

Finally: llama or alpaca? [llama]

That’s Versioning for this week. I’ll be spending the weekend building a neural net that matches different kinds of jeans to health outcomes. Have a good weekend and we’ll catch you on Monday!

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