Friday, March 9, 2018

A Real Wake Up Call

Ponytails and the blockchain - together at last

Always On Time


First up, a better way to think about refactoring [x-team].

Radi.js [github/radi-js] is a tiny, fast front-end framework. It’s not like other frameworks in that it doesn’t have diffing or a virtual DOM, but it does sound fast.

Prompts offers nice light, user-friendly interactive prompts.

A cool idea: “what I coded and studied in the last 401 days” [blog.prototypr].

How to use Redux Form to manage state in React [scotch].

The 'Boys Are Back in Town


Moleculer [] is a microservices framework for Node.

turbo-net [github/mafintosh] is a low-level TCP library for Node.

1Backend [1backend] is a self-hostable cloud for running microservices and Lambda functions.

A multi-player server-side Game Boy emulator written in .Net Core and Angular [hanselman].

Interesting little post-mortem: how an AWS outage ate a team’s load balancer - a service of theirs that has nothing to do with AWS [blog.hostedgraphite].

An intro to Gloo - a gateway for functions, built on the idea that it’s better to build APIs from functions rather than services[medium/solo-io].

How to prevent visual glitches in your iOS apps [medium/@nathangitter].

How to make any part of any repo available as a package with npm in 5 mins [blog.bitsrc].

A guide to integration testing with Node and Pact.js [itnext].

The Reviews Are In


Rotten Tomatoes is being rebranded for the first time since 2001 [designweek]. Once that’s done, it’ll just be called “Tomatoes”.

Practical ways to improve your UI micro-interactions [uxdesign].

5 tips for prototyping in Sketch 49 [medium/@learnux].

A collection of design articles converted to an audio presentation [play]. This is using the service [play], which is new to me but is a great idea.

Based on a True Story


Google’s keen on making AMP technology standard for the web [theverge]. I think everyone will be fine with this and there will be absolutely no anger or concern.

The largest ever study of fake news concludes lies always outperform truth on social media [theatlantic]. And it’s not even really bots’ fault.

A judge will soon rule over whether President Trump can block people on Twitter [washingtonpost]. The next issue after that - whether Tweetstorms are Constitutional.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is going to teach AI common sense [nytimes]. Also, children!

Want a quantum computer? Of course you do. Go get some giant atoms [arstechnica].

A preview of Android P [android-developers]. Neural networks API, indoor positioning with WiFi RTT, and multi-camera API, oh my!

How to wake up devs in the middle of the night [thenewstack]. I’ve always found “immense terror” to work pretty well.

Idea: for devs, having no managers might be better than having managers with no engineering experience [medium/@posttweetism].

Now You Have to Lie in It

Everything else (apps, fun tools, gaming, culture, funny stuff)

This week’s Versioning longreads collection is available here [versioning.substack] - good luck!

Two photographers shot a photo at exactly the same instant [petapixel]. Looks fake, is apparently real.

You Think You Know Me is a conversational card game that lets you learn more about your friends, co-workers, and family[kickstarter]. I just hope there are no questions about your first pets or mother’s maiden name

A dodgy, Steven Seagal-endorsed ICO is being hammered by New Jersey legislators [motherboard.vice]. That’s an OK crytpocurrency article, but the real stars of the show there are the Steven Seagal jokes.

I really like this little thread full of tiny, daily habits that improve the lives of their practitioners [ask.metafilter]. A lot of shout-outs for making… the… bed? Is that right? I’ve never heard of it.

This is a cool feature from the New York Times - 25 songs that show the future of music [nytimes].

Finally, A new Super Smash Bros. is coming to the Nintendo Switch [arstechnica]. Best news all day. (Also, some other games are coming, but who cares?)

That’s it for Versioning for the week! I’ll be back next week once I’ve mastered this bed-making thing, and decided on my Smash Bros. character - Captain Falcon, right?

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