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You know how you always have 50+ tabs open, slowing down your computer and cluttering your brain? Close them– I’ve got this.

Versioning is a daily newsletter that will keep you up-to-date and knowledgeable with all things front-end, back-end, design and UX, news, business and more. Curated links to products, tutorials or tech news: stuff you need to know right now.

Michael Bamford@mjbamford

The best technical web newsletter has got to be Versioning curated by @Adam__Roberts. Every time I'm to embark on a new technology, it arrives seemingly with sixth-sense with all the high-quality links I need. Today's "PWAs with Attitude" newsletter has been invaluable.

April 27, 2018
Subjects covered on a particular day could include: React, Angular, Vue, CSS Grid, React Native, Node, AWS, containers, microservices, machine learning, performance, UX, prototyping, UI design, news, business, productivity, videogames, culture, social media, and whatever else you need to hear about.

Learn why this stuff matters to you, and enjoy quite a bit of sarcasm, puns, and the occasional, actual, lol.

It’s not “everything in the web dev/design world” – just the good stuff.

Get the newsletter direct to your inbox for just $7 per month, or $70 per year (get two months free), and get the daily Versioning newsletter to stay at the bleeding edge of web dev and design.

In addition to the daily newsletter, as a Versioning member you’ll receive regular introductions to emerging subjects, like machine learning, or crucial subjects, like Progressive Web Apps.

They’ll give you everything you need to get started or go further in a particular area.

You’ll also make good use of your downtime, with suggestions for new stuff you need to read, watch, listen to and play.

Smart tech folk who 😍 Versioning

A smattering of quotes and tweets from satisfied, long-term subscribers:

Jess Knollmeyer@JessKnollmeyer

@Adam__Roberts You. are. awesome. I love #versioning more than I love cold pizza in the morning! My favorite linkage + some laughs = : D

July 3, 2017

It has helped shape my technical directions and given me the knowledge to "choose wisely" and move us into technology that is now the future of the company.


If someone said to me a few months ago that I'd be paying $50 a year for a daily email newsletter, I'd have laughed myself silly. Aaaand then I subscribed to @sitepointdotcom's #Versioning, curated by @Adam__Roberts. It's the best. Plus I still get to chuckle at the funnies.

March 8, 2018

Its like I've cloned myself and employ that person to write a newsletter just for me everyday. Its not merely the fantastic dev articles that keep me up to date and relevant in the subjects I work with everyday. Its also the wider industry news, science news and sci-fi stuff ... with a smattering of ice cold wit.

The exposure I get to so many different things in such a short and concise form. In 10 minutes each day, I can keep my thumb on the pulse of many areas that I find or will find relevant in the near future.

Tom Henderson ☮@RedEldorado

The one TECH email I always read M-F, Versioning by SitePoint, w/ brilliant content curator @Adam__Roberts Sign up:

June 30, 2017

New inbox, who dis?

I’m a 30-something human from New Zealand, living in Melbourne, Australia. I have a background in journalism, working at a daily newspaper, and content, working in, and for a time leading, SitePoint’s content team (reaching over 80 million devs annually).

I’ve always had a big interest in tech, and an urge to share the best of everything I find.

My interests include:

  • front-end,

  • puns,

  • design,

  • the NBA

  • links,

  • Star Wars

  • sarcasm,

  • news,

  • links,

  • Zelda

  • having way too many tabs open all of the time,

  • seriously, Chrome regularly grinds to a halt because of the number of tabs I have open,

  • links

  • lists

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