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Fist Bump

Today: Battleship in CSS, a new HTTP request library, Boring tunnels, and the return of Iron Fist.

Sinking Ships


How to build a flexible image uploader component using Vue.js 2.0 [freecodecamp].

A fun one: building Battleship in CSS [css-tricks].

Lepto is an automated image optimization suite via CLI and web interface [github].

Everything you need to know before creating a PWA [cleveroad].

Power up your React renders with render callbacks [codementor].

By Request


A guide to becoming an open source contributor [alistapart].

Got is a powerful HTTP request library [github].

This brief introduction to vim [dev] will get you up to speed with the infamous/legendary text editor.

An introduction to Docker [discoversdk].

Detours is a package from Microsoft for monitoring and instrumenting API calls on Windows [github].

On the Cards


Redesign a card-based Tumblr layout with CSS Grid [sitepoint].

Learn how a Microsoft designer built an internal Icon Library in his spare time [figma].

What Asana's product design manager learned by creating a popular Design System [medium].

Publii is a desktop-based CMS for creating static sites more easily [github].

Tunnel Vision


Google has launched a new set of cloud storage tiers under the branding Google One [macstories].

Strange Russian satellites have been spotted in orbit [motherboard].

The Boring Company has proposed a 3.6 mile tunnel to Dodger Stadium [arstechnica].

Twitter has tried to explain why it is depriving users of any half-decent way to use its service [techcrunch].

A Melbourne teen has plead guilty to hacking into Apple's secure computer network [theage]. Once upon a time Apple probably would have hired the kid.

A Google Firebase update has added in-app messaging, JIRA integration and more [techcrunch].

An in-depth review of Android 9 Pie from [theverge].

A first look at Alphabet's experimental smart city [fastcompany].

Scientists have finally sequenced the wheat genome [arstechnica], one that's much more complex than our own. This could lead to breeding advancements that improve food security around the world.

Deep Pockets

Everything else (apps, fun tools, gaming, culture, funny stuff)

A look at how Pocket is becoming an essential platform for publishers burned by Facebook [bloomberg].

The Tonal home gym uses an engine to create resistance and looks much better in the home than your current equipment [fastcompany].

A neurological 'functional fingerprint' can identify brains over a lifetime [quantamagazine].

A new trailer for Iron Fist's second season pits Danny Rand against Steel Serpent [polygon].

Finally: melancholy illustrations of your favorite game characters [designfaves].

That's it for today's Versioning. And that's it from me for this stretch! Adam will be back next week with his usual assortment of high-quality links, and puns so finely crafted your eyes will roll right out of your head.

Until next time!

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Daily knowledge devs and designers need to get ahead of the game